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We capture unstructured data and make it meaningful to our clients
allowing them to respond, operate and decide smarter.


Helios is Cortex Technologies’ Platform specifically built to help enterprises scale visibility over their businesses allowing quicker responses when


Cortex Technologies use devices that are rigorously designed and tested for local conditions. These devices undergo certifications that ensure compliance to regulations imposed by the
Philippine Government.



With the intention of addressing the needs of local business where few dare to, the client verticals’ needs were meticulously assessed to establish the value of Helios and its products.


Internet of Things

Internet-of-Things is a network of connected devices interacting and communicating with one another on the cloud. This technology brings about a wide array of innovations that solves the challenges of scale, visibility, automation, controls and the like. What makes a well designed IOT solution is a combination of easily deployable and well thought-off hardware supported by an intelligent software.

About Helios

It focuses on monitoring the power consumption the whole site and equipment like AC’s, Chillers, exhausts. It also captures the temperature and humidity of rooms and puts it in a dashboard that could be viewed by owners, property managers and engineers.

Helio’s dashboard can show an aggregated view of power consumption for your site, its levels and
equipment type. It also shows the average temperature and humidity of your whole site and its rooms

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Centralize Visibility For All Your Properties With uHoo and Helios

We spend up to 90% of our lives indoors, both at work and at home, yet the misconception remains that indoor air is healthier than outdoors. In truth, the air inside can be five times more polluted than it is outside.

This cognitive dissonance may be best understood because indoor air seems so much more sterile—devoid of the nuisances of the occasional dust storm, heat of the midday sun, dark plume from a jeepney’s exhaust, and constant urban noise pollution that accompany our experience during even a short walk along a city sidewalk.

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