The Internet-of-things

With IOT, the solutions that could be built are plenty, made possible
through one’s imagination and expertise

A Network of
Connected Devices

IOT works with devices that captures and sends data to exchange and process information. From a linear design, it has evolved and now has a two-way communication between devices, hence developing from monitoring to controlling solutions


Certain parameters of the equipment or environment like heat, motion, air, electrical current are captured through deployed sensors, also called edge devices.


Through embedded connectivity, these sensors transmit the captured data. From wifi to sub-Gigahertz protocols, each brings distinct benefits.


Once the data is sent, it goes to the cloud where it is stored in a database making retrieval and processing possible.


With relevant data available, users need to see and understand what it means. This is possible through well thought-off dashboards accessible through the web or mobile app.


Given that sensitive data is being transferred and stored, it is important that proper encryption and security protocols exist to avoid data loss and compromise.


Edge devices’ evolution from just sending data to storing and learning to follow a command allows the idea of simple to complex supervision over machines.

Complete IOT Solution


  • Process and Operational Efficiency
  • Improved Customer Service and Experience
  • Real Time Alerts and Notifications
  • Remote Monitoring and Management
  • Source of Additional Revenue and Savings
  • Data Collection and Analytics
  • Business Guidance from Better Narratives

Cortex’s IOT Capabilities

  • Full Stack IOT Solutions
  • Non Intrusive Devices
  • Industrial Grade Quality of Devices
  • Cloud, Fog and Edge Computing
  • Secured Cloud Network
  • Sub-Gigahertz Technology for Connectivity
  • Organic Research and Development Team
  • Data Scientists for Relevant Data Analytics
  • Be spoke Ability





Data Analysis


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